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The City of Killeen has a very extensive Parks and Recreation program. On WS Young Drive, we offer athletics fields, where we host regional and national tournaments and the Community Center, which is a multi purpose facility with gym, meeting rooms and outdoors event area. Newly added is Mickey’s Dog Park featuring two acres of pup amenities.

Family Recreation & Aquatics Center

On Stan Schlueter Loop we have the Family Recreation Center and Aquatics Center at Lions Club Park. The second floor weight room at the Family Recreation Center is called the Tommie Harris Fitness Center, as a tribute to the NFL Player, who donated the gym equipment. Tommie Harris, who played Defensive Tackle for the Chicago Bears from 2004 to 2010 and the San Diego Chargers in 2011 (player profile), was raised in Killeen, and went to C.E. Ellison High School. We are very grateful for his generous gift and proud to honor his name in this manner.

Golf Course

On Roy Reynolds, you will find the Stonetree Golf Course. It was built in 1970 but was completely renovated in 2005. Open to the public, we hold 25 to 30 annual golf tournaments and host some of the major area fundraisers. The course is laid out over rolling terrain with a wide variety of trees and several small lakes with fountains.

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