The Purchasing Division collaborates state and local laws as well as procedures in order to provide an effective and consistent means of procurement that is in compliance with all laws and regulations. Purchasing provides staff, management and city council the tools to make decisions for the behalf of the citizens to procure supplies and services that will serve as the best value to the city. Purchasing facilitates fair and open competition so that responsible bidders are given the opportunity to compete for the city’s business.


The Purchasing Division is responsible for the procurement and timely delivery of material, equipment and services necessary to sustain all City Departments in their effort to provide essential services to the citizens of Killeen.

The City of Killeen strives to make our processes as efficient as possible. Electronic communication with possible vendors will make us more efficient in communicating our needs. Beginning October 1, we will accept vendor registration for our new e-bid process. Check back frequently for updates.

Learn more about doing business with the City of Killeen (PDF).

Municipal Energy Usage

The City of Killeen purchases natural gas from Atmos Energy. In calendar year 2017, the City purchased a total of 59,022 cubic feet (CCF) of natural gas. The City of Killeen purchases electricity from Bartlett Cooperative and Cavallo Energy. In calendar year 2017, the City purchased a total of 27,139,842.98 kilowatt hours.

The City of Killeen purchases water from West Bell Water Supply Corporation. In calendar year 2017, the City purchased a total of 1,125,000 gallons of water. The City is a municipal water supplier and as a self-supplier, no municipal funds are expended to purchase water for municipal services. In calendar year 2017, the City consumed 70,159,400 gallons of water.

The total cost of natural gas, electricity and water purchased by the City in the calendar year 2017 was $3,012,922.82.

Additional Information

For further information regarding bids, email Purchasing. Please include the following as the subject: Web Purchasing Inquiries. Bids will be publicly opened and read in Council Chambers on bid due date and time unless otherwise stated.