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July 17, 2020 2:18 PM

7-17-20 Street Maintenance Continues in North Killeen

Street maintenance is scheduled in two north Killeen areas next week. Area 2 is generally bounded by Fort Hood on the north, Rancier Avenue on the south, N. 10th Street on the east and N. 2nd Street on the west. Area 3 is generally bounded by Rancier Avenue on the north, Avenue E on the south, Root Avenue on the east and Fort Hood Street on the west.

The following streets are scheduled for maintenance July 20 through 24:

• Monday, July 20
o Area 2
 E. Dunn Avenue
 E. Harrison Avenue
 E. Myrl Avenue
 E. Texas Avenue
 Young Avenue
o Area 3
 Cloud Street, from W. Avenue E to W. Avenue C
 Mimosa Street
 Murphy Street
 Norris Avenue
 Root Avenue
 Virginia Street
 Washington Street
• Tuesday, July 21
o Area 2
 E. Anderson Avenue, from N. 2nd Street to N. 8th Streets
 E. Garrison Avenue
 W. Dean Avenue, from N. 2nd Street to N. 10th Street
o Area 3
 Fergus Street
 McArthur Drive
 W. Avenue C, from Washington Street to Root Avenue
 W. Avenue D, from N. Fort Hood Street to Root Avenue
 W. Green Avenue, from N. Fort Hood Street to Root Avenue
• Wednesday, July 22
o Area 2
 N. 2nd Street, from Rancier Avenue to Fort Hood boundary
 N. 10th Street, from Rancier Avenue to Fort Hood boundary
 N. Gray Street, from Rancier to Fort Hood boundary
o Area 3
 Adams Avenue
 W. Avenue C, from N. Fort Hood Street to Washington Street
 W. Church Street, from Gilmer Street to N. College Street
• Thursday, July 23
o Area 2
 Mulford Street
 N. 4th Street, from Rancier Avenue to Fort Hood boundary
 N. 8th Street, from Rancier Avenue to Fort Hood boundary
• Friday, July 24
o Area 3
 Blair Street
 Carter Street
 Cloud Street, from W. Green Avenue to W. Rancier Avenue
 Garner Avenue
 Henderson Street
 Rhode Island Street
 Tanner Street
 Utah Street
 Vermont Street
 Washington Street, from Adams Avenue to York Avenue
 Wisconsin Street

Area 1, generally north of Westcliff Road and west of Blackburn Drive, will be complete this week.

Affected properties will receive direct notices with instructions as work nears on their streets.

The maintenance to be performed is slurry seal, a process that involves applying an emulsion to the entire road surface. This treatment creates a smoother driving surface and extends the life of the street.

A Street Maintenance Fee is assessed to properties monthly through City utility bills. Each single-family home is billed $1.70 per month. Other residential uses are charged a fee based on a single-family equivalent per dwelling unit. Non-residential properties are classified by use and the fee is calculated using a single-family equivalent per unit.

The fee provides a dedicated funding source for maintaining public streets based on usage. All revenue collected is placed in a Street Maintenance Fund to be used for this purpose. Funding may not be used for road construction or reconstruction.

The City of Killeen apologizes for any inconvenience as a result of this work and appreciates your cooperation as we maintain these streets.

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