What facilities are open, closed, changed?

All City of Killeen business offices are now closed to the public. Services may be obtained by phone, email or web as available on this website.

Details on service changes:

  • Airports
    • Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport is open; however, passengers should consult airlines for flight information.
    • Skylark Field is open.
  •  Animal Services

    • Killeen Animal Shelter is closed to the public, and adoption services have been suspended.
    • Animal control issues can be reported to 254-526-4455.
  •  Building Permits

    • The lobby is open for service with social distancing standards in place.
    • Many forms and applications are available online here and can be submitted digitally.
  •  Fire Department

    • Fire stations are closed to the public.
    • Emergency response continues.
    • Call 9-1-1 in case of emergency. Call 254-501-7660 for non-emergencies.
  •  Libraries

    • Killeen Main Library and Copper Mountain Branch are closed.
    • Curbside services are no longer available.
    • Online resources are available here.
  • Killeen Arts & Activities Center

    • Closed to the public. Call 254-501-6519 or 254-501-6578 for assistance.
  • Killeen Civic & Conference Center

    • Closed to the public. Call 254-501-3888 for assistance.
  •  Municipal Court

    • Court cases scheduled March 16 through May 1 are canceled and will be rescheduled.
    • Appearances for citations can be made by the listed date by email to municipalcourt@killeentexas.gov or phone at 254-501-7850.
    • Social distancing precautions have been implemented for defendants who must appear.
  •  Parks & Recreation

    • Lions Club Park Family Recreation Center is closed to the public.
    • Killeen Community Center is closed to the public.
    • Athletic leagues are suspended until further notice. Call 254-501-6390 for assistance.
    • Stonetree Golf Club is closed to the public.
    • City parks and trails remain open, but social distancing and health precautions should be used at all times.
  • Police Department

    • Access is limited to the main lobby and jail visitor area.
    • Emergency response continues.
    • Reports will be taken by phone at 254-501-8800.
    • Call 9-1-1 in case of emergency. Call 254-501-8800 for non-emergencies.
  •  Solid Waste

    • Regular collection of trash containers and brush continues on schedule.
    • Excess household trash (no bulk items) may be dropped off at new locations free: Killeen Community Center, Killeen Special Events Center, Lions Club Park and Long Branch Park.
    • Curbside collection of bulk items and construction and demolition debris has been suspended.
    • Recycling operations, including drop off at facilities and trailers, have been suspended.
    • The Transfer Station remains open for normal business hours; residents may dispose of up to 300 pounds of bulk items and excess waste free once per month with a current City utility bill.
  • Senior Centers

    • Lions Club Park Senior Center is closed.
    • Bob Gilmore Senior Center is closed.
  • Utility Collections

    • All in-person services are rendered through the drive-through lanes.
    • A drive-through drop box is available 24 hours per day.
    • Payment methods, forms and contacts are available here.
    • After hours and weekend turn on requests must be received before 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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