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 2017 News Releases

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12-27-17 City Offices Closed for New Year Holiday

12-19-17 Holiday Trash Collections

12-19-17 City Office Closures for Christmas and New Year Holidays

12-15-17 Outdoor Decorating Contest and Christmas Parade Winners Announced

12-12-17 Killeen City Manger Provides Review of Third 100 Days

12-7-17 Vote Online in Annual Outdoor Decorating Contest

12-7-17 City & HEB to Host Annual Feast of Sharing

12-4-17 55th Annual Killeen Christmas Parade Saturday

12-4-17 Volunteers Still Needed for Feast of Sharing



11-28-17 Killeen Holiday Events Friday and Saturday

11-28-17 Special Needs Playground to Open at Lions Club Park

11-22-17 Annual Outdoor Holiday Decorating Contest

11-22-17 Wreath Laying Saturday at Veterans Cemetery

11-21-17 Internal Audit of Purchasing Card Program Completed

11-20-17 City Offices Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

11-16-17 Community to Lay Wreaths at Veterans Cemetery

11-13-17 Northbound Trimmier Road Closure

11-9-17 Trimmier Road Overnight Closure

11-9-17 Volunteers Needed to Prepare Holiday Wreaths for Veterans Cemetery

11-9-17 Senior Centers Closed Monday

11-8-17 City Offices Closed Friday

11-7-17 City Manager Presents Draft Financial Policies

11-6-17 Florence Road Closure

11-6-17 Gilmer Street Closure

11-6-17 Municipal Court Week

11-3-17 Remembrance at November 5 Fort Hood Memorial

11-3-17 Veterans Day Parade November 11

11-2-17 Texas Arbor Day

11-2-17 Southbound Trimmier Road Closure

11-1-17 Volunteers Needed for Tenth Annual Feast of Sharing

11-1-17 Downtown Road Closures at Railroad Crossings



10-30-17 Library Game Night Saturday

10-30-17 City Wishes Trick-or-Treaters a Safe Halloween

10-26-17 Public Hearing on Proposed Changes to Animal Advisory Committee Ordinance

10-25-17 Registration Open for Veterans Day Parade

10-25-17 New Lions Club Park Basketball Court Opens Saturday

10-25-17 Halloween Carnival Tuesday

10-25-17 Regional Softball Championship this Weekend in Killeen

10-24-17 City Council Accepting Applications for Capital Improvements Advisory Committee

10-23-17 Volunteers Needed for Make a Difference Day

10-20-17 Basketball Court Relocation at Lions Club Park

10-20-17 Blues Under the Stars October 28

10-19-17 Fall Festival October 26

10-17-17 Trimmier Road Lane Closure

10-12-17 Trimmier Road Overnight Closure

10-12-17 Vendors Welcome to Apply for Blues Under the Stars

10-6-17 Road Maintenance Begins Tuesday

10-6-17 Barktoberfest Saturday

10-3-17 Free Household Hazardous Waste Collection October 14

10-3-17 City Offices Closed Monday



9-29-17 Clean '17 Program Enters Final Zone 

9-29-17 Mickey's Dog Park to Close for Maintenance

9-27-17 HOP Cards Available for Purchase at Main Library

9-26-17 City Manager Provides Review of Second 100 Days

9-26-17 Trimmier Road Closure

9-25-17 Brookhaven Sidewalk Opening

9-21-17 Celebrate Killeen Committee Announces Holiday Events and Vendor Opportunities 

9-21-17 YAC to Host Annual Youth Conference

9-20-17 Mayor to Host Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

9-20-17 City Surplus Auction September 30

9-19-17 City Council Unanimously Adopts Balanced FY 2018 Budget

9-13-17 Killeen Community Center Gym Closure

9-13-17 Killeen Receives National Financial Awards

9-6-17 Elms Road Closure

9-6-17 WS Young Drive Closure Update

9-6-17 Garrison Avenue and Gray Street Closure

9-6-17 Make a Difference Day Community Meeting 

9-5-17 Management Audit Results Presented

9-5-17 WS Young Drive Closure

9-5-17 Platinum Drive and Drystone Lane Closure

9-1-17 City Offices Closed Monday

9-1-17 City Pools Open Labor Day Weekend

9-1-17 Clean '17 Program Begins Zone 8



8-28-17 Killeen Community Center Being Used as Emergency Shelter for Hurricane Evacuees

8-28-17 Management Audit Presentation Rescheduled

8-25-17 Hurricane Harvey Preparations

8-23-17 Turtle Bend Drive and Trimmier Road Closure

8-22-17 New City Pool Hours

8-22-17 Motorists Observe School Zone Warnings

8-18-17 Nonprofit Network Luncheon

8-18-17 Road Maintenance begins Monday

8-16-17 National Senior Citizens Day

8-16-17 Bob Gilmore Senior Center Closure

8-15-17 Departmental Budget Presentations Completed

8-15-17 W.S. Young Drive and Lowes Boulevard Closure

8-14-17 Killeen Main Library Open with Limited Services

8-11-17 Killeen Main Library Closure

8-11-17 Back to School Splash Bash

8-9-17 Lake Road and Godman Street Closure

8-9-17 Proposed Budget Presentations Continue

8-8-17 City Council Approves Appointment of Police Chief

8-8-17 Vendors Welcome to Apply for Senior Market Day

8-3-17 Long Branch Pool Closed for Maintenance

8-2-17 City Manager Presents Proposed Budget

8-2-17 Call for Make a Difference Day Project Proposals



7-31-17 City Manager to Present Proposed Budget Tomorrow

7-28-17 Family Aquatics Center Open Tomorrow

7-28-17 Clean '17 Program to begin Zone 7

7-28-17 Trimmier Road Closure

7-26-17 City Manager Selects Police Chief

7-25-17 Family Aquatics Center Closure Update

7-24-17 Family Aquatics Center Closure

7-24-17 Movie in the Park Friday at Killeen Amphitheater

7-17-17 Public Invited to Meet Police Chief Finalists Thursday

7-17-17 Movie in the Park Friday at Killeen Amphitheater

7-10-17 Elms Road Lane Closure

7-10-17 Movie in the Park Friday at Killeen Amphitheater 

7-5-17 Killeen Police Chief Finalists Named

7-3-17 Movie in the Park Friday at Killeen Amphitheater



6-30-17 Jefferies Avenue and Zephyr Road Closure

6-29-17 City Manager Presents Updated Budget Timeline

6-29-17 Clean '17 Program to begin Zone 6

6-28-17 City Offices Closed Tuesday

6-26-17 Killeen Fire Department Receives National Award

6-26-17 Movie in the Park Friday at Killeen Amphitheater

6-23-17 Road Maintenance on Golden Gate Drive

6-16-17 Softball Qualifier this Weekend in Killeen

6-16-17 Meadow Drive and Stephen Street Closure

6-13-17 Lowes Boulevard Extension and Weldon Way Open

6-13-17 Solid Waste Unavailable Wednesday

6-12-17 Movie in the Park Friday at Killeen Amphitheater

6-12-17 Starburst Junior Golf Classic Coming to Killeen

6-5-17 Movie in the Park Friday at Killeen Amphitheater

6-2-17 Clean '17 Program to begin Zone 5



5-31-17 Summer Nights to Kick Off at Killeen Amphitheater 

5-26-17 Rancier Avenue Closure

5-25-17 John Drive and Brock Road Closure

5-25-17 Volunteer Killeen to Host Volunteer Orientation

5-23-17 Killeen Celebrates National Public Works Week

5-23-17 City Offices Closed Monday

5-23-17 Family Aquatics Center & Long Branch Pool Open Memorial Day Weekend 

5-23-17 Memorial Day Ceremony May 29

5-22-17 Household Hazardous Waste Collection June 3

5-17-17 Killeen Named Tree City USA for 10th Year

5-17-17 Killeen Named Playful City USA for Ninth Year

5-16-17 City Manager Provides Review of First 100 Days

5-10-17 Trimmier Road Traffic Signal Work

5-1-17 City to Observe National Day of Prayer

5-1-17 Municipal Election Saturday



4-28-17 Clean '17 Program to begin Zone 4

4-28-17 Killeen Water Conservation Plan Takes Effect May 1

4-26-17 Bacon Ranch Road Closure

4-24-17 National Study Finds Killeen among Cities with Largest Decrease in Crime 

4-19-17 City to Celebrate Community Development Week with Re-Opening of Lions Neighborhood Park

4-18-17 City Manager Presents Update on Budget Process Including General Fund Estimates for FY 18

4-18-17 Great American Defense Community Designation and Interstate 14 Signing Ceremonies

4-13-17 Mayor to Proclaim Bob Gray Day Tuesday

4-13-17 Elms Road Closure

4-12-17 Fire Department Restores Ambulance Service Levels

4-10-17 City Offices Closed Friday

4-7-17 Celebrate Killeen Festival April 27 through 29

4-5-17 Easter Eggstravaganza Registration Open Now



3-31-17 Atkinson Avenue Closure

3-24-17 North 14th Street Closure

3-24-17 Clean '17 Program to begin Zone 3

3-22-17 Online Payments Unavailable Saturday

3-22-17 Free Trash Collection for Spring Killeen Up!

3-13-17 Free Household Hazardous Waste Collection Saturday

3-10-17 Stewart Street and Duncan Avenue Closure 

3-10-17 Help Killeen Up! at the Texas Trash-Off April 8

3-9-17 Truck Day Wednesday

3-8-17 Weiss Drive Closure

3-7-17 JSL Spray Park Opens Monday

3-6-17 Killeen to Dedicate Fire Station 9



2-27-17 Free Household Hazardous Waste Collection Saturday

2-24-17 City Opens Summer Jobs to Students

2-24-17 North 20th Street Closure

2-23-17 Take 190 West Art Festival March 4

2-23-17 Killeen Up! March 4

2-22-17 Trimmier Road Lane Closures

2-16-17 Clean '17 Program to begin Zone 2

2-16-17 Valley Road Closure

2-16-17 Free Household Hazardous Waste Collection Saturday

2-14-17 Mayor and Council to Host Black History Month Reception

2-14-17 City Offices Closed Monday

2-10-17 Vendors Welcome to Apply for Celebrate Killeen Festival

2-10-17 Applications for City Council Committee Appointments Due February 15

2-10-17 TxDOT Announces Final Acceptance of US 190/ FM 2410

2-8-17 Lowes Boulevard Closure

2-3-17 Avenue E/Attas Avenue Closure

2-3-17 Community Planning Meetings Scheduled



1-31-17 City Launches Online Financial Transparency Portal

1-30-17 City Accepting Applications for City Council Committee Appointments

1-27-17 Senior Centers Host Open House

1-27-17 City to Host Low Cost Pet Shot Clinic

1-27-17 Rancier Avenue Closure

1-27-17 Lowes Boulevard Closure

1-25-17 Killeen City Council Names City Manager

1-25-17 Valley Road Closure

1-25-17 Trimmier Road Lane Closure

1-23-17 City Manager Provides Financial Update

1-23-17 16th Street Closure

1-20-17 Volunteer Killeen to Host Orientation

1-19-17 Wreath Retrieval Saturday

1-12-17 City Announces Clean '17 Program Map

1-10-17 City Offices Closed Monday

1-9-17 Wreath Retrieval Saturday

1-5-17 Brewster Avenue Closure

1-3-17 Christmas Tree Recycling Saturday