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February 17, 2021 8:29 AM

2-17-21 Water Supply Low; Stage 5 Water Restrictions Implemented

Residents must reduce demand in order to preserve service.

As extreme weather continues, the City is experiencing a limited water supply from our water supplier. Winter weather related power outages have significantly impacted the water supply the City is receiving. We must implement Stage 5 water restrictions to conserve. Stage 5 restrictions call for reducing the demand by 40 percent due to major breaks or pump system failures We are taking every step possible to minimize service interruptions to customers but need the public’s help to conserve the supply that we are receiving.

Over the next 24-48 hours, we are asking the public to conserve water in the following ways:
1. Do not store large amounts of water by filling bathtubs or other containers. If this is done, customers will start to experience outages, and boil water notices will be issued at a time when many are still without electricity.
2. If your water lines in your home are frozen, email wsoperations@killeentexas.gov or call 254-501-6320. The City will send a crew to shut off water at the meter. It is important to do this before lines start to thaw to minimize water damage to your home and prevent the unnecessary loss of water.
3. Once temperatures reach 30 degrees Fahrenheit, turn off any dripping faucets. You can resume dripping when temperatures drop below 30 degrees. You do not need to drip all faucets in your home. Drip faucets located along exterior walls only when the temperature necessitates.
4. Do not use washing machines or dishwashers. These appliances use a significant amount of water and electricity. Wash dishes by hand.
5. Store one gallon of water per person for the next 24 hours. If you are dripping your faucets, drip into containers to prevent any waste.

Our water supply is barely meeting the demand at this time. As outages occur, boil water notices will be issued.

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