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February 16, 2021 8:50 AM

2-16-21 Water Outages Result of Frozen Pipes

Residents asked to follow diagnostic steps before calling City Water Division.

The City of Killeen Water and Sewer Division is receiving a high volume of calls from customers reporting water outages. The majority of these outages are caused by frozen water lines on private property. The prolonged harsh temperatures are freezing water lines, and this is expected to continue.

If a property is without water, a series of diagnostic steps should be used. If a faucet is not producing water when turned on, one should check all interior faucets. If any of the faucets produce water, it is likely that one or more water lines may be frozen. If none of the faucets produce water, check with neighbors. If neighbors have water, it is likely that your pipes have frozen. If neighbors do not have water, notify the City of a potential water outage by calling 254-501-6320.

It is important to remember that the City is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the water infrastructure up to the customer’s water meter. The customer is responsible for the water service lines from the water meter to the faucets.

The Water and Sewer Division is experiencing an abnormally high call volume and is responding as quickly as possible. If unable to speak with someone directly, please leave a message. Following the diagnostic steps above will help staff respond more quickly to issues with City-maintained water lines.

As temperatures rise, and pipes begin to thaw, check for any visible signs of interior or exterior leaking or ruptured pipes. If pipes did freeze, they may have ruptured which will cause leaking as they thaw. If you find a leaking water service pipe, please call Water and Sewer to turn the water off to the property to minimize potential water damage. A licensed plumber will need to be hired to repair damage to the private service line.

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