Municipal Court of Record

Warrant Forgiveness Program


Beginning June 2023, the Municipal Court will be closed on the third Friday of each month.Court Closed_Square


To provide a neutral, courteous, and fair forum for all Class C misdemeanor offenses arising under Texas civil and criminal statutes and city ordinances and providing for the efficient and timely adjudication of court cases.

This Court and its officers are dedicated to the principals of impartiality, fairness, integrity, separation of powers, and judicial independence and is committed in its role as the Judicial Branch of local government.


Jurors are required to appear for jury duty if summoned to appear on the following dates and times:

Jury Trials for September 19, 2023 and September 26, 2023 have been canceled.  Jurors do not need to report for service.

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Texas Uniform Jury Handbook (PDF)

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Mailed payments must include name, address and citation number. This Court does not accept personal checks.

Extensions & Payment Plans

If you have questions on how to request a 30-day extension for time to pay or a monthly payment plan you can email the court’s Compliance division at

Application for Extension Form (PDF)
Application for Extension Form - Spanish (PDF)

Municipal Court Warrants

There are two types of warrants that may be issued by the Municipal Court:

  • Arrest Warrants - issued for individuals who fail to appear to answer to the charges files against them.
  • Capias Pro-Fine - issued when an individual fails to comply with judgments and other court orders.

A warrant can be issued for your arrest when you:

  • Default on payment arrangements.
  • Do not appear for your court date.
  • Do not pay a fine assessed by a judge.
  • Other offenses not listed above


When a warrant is issued, an additional warrant fee of $50 will be assessed on each case.

If you don’t have the information needed to search for your violation online or if you want to find out additional information, please contact the Municipal court at (254)501-7850.

Below is a list of active warrants for the City of Killeen Municipal Court.  This list is updated every Monday excluding holidays.  To make payment in full for your outstanding warrants, you may use one of the following methods:

Individuals with active warrants may contact the court via phone at 254-501-7850, or by email at for options regarding your case.  For information specific to your warrant, please use the phone number or email address listed above.  

Weapons & Consent to Search

Pursuant to Section 46.03 of the Texas Penal Code and Judicial Order of the Municipal Court of the City of Killeen, Texas, the possession of any firearm, illegal knife, club, or any prohibited weapon set for the in Section 46.05(a), Texas Penal Code, in the Municipal Court building, any courtroom, or office utilized by the Municipal Court is strictly prohibited. Violations of this law can range up to a Third Degree Felony.

All persons who enter the Municipal Court, any courtroom or any office utilized by the Municipal Court of the City of Killeen are subject to search of their person and their belongings. All persons who enter said premises consent to the search of their person and their belongings for prohibited weapons.

Juvenile Defendants

The mission of the Killeen Municipal Court is to provide a neutral, courteous and fair forum for all juvenile Class C misdemeanor offenses, providing for the timely adjudication of court cases.  Ensuring impartiality, fairness, integrity, separation of powers, and judicial independence and committed in its role as the judicial branch of local government.  

Juvenile Case Managers are dedicated to working with juveniles and parents and their unique circumstances to identify the needs of each family, providing recommendations and tools for successful case resolution.


The Juvenile Case Managers may be reached during court business hours, 8am to 5pm:

Ms. Ilana Collison
(254) 501-7657

Mr. William Sheehy
(254) 501-7866

How do I meet with a Juvenile Case Manager?

What are my options when entering a plea?

What is Teen court?

What is Community Service?

Statutory Offenses


Community Service Garden

Article 45.0215 of the Code of Criminal Procedure specifies that Juveniles (under the age of 17 at time of alleged violation) are, required to enter a plea before the judge and have a parent, guardian or managing conservator present for the taking of the defendant’s plea and all other proceedings relating to the case. This requirement does not terminate once the juvenile reaches 17 if proceedings are still ongoing. The parent/guardian/managing conservator is not permitted to act as an attorney unless licensed by the State Bar of Texas.

Therefore, if the alleged violation occurred when the defendant was 16 years of age or under, they are not able to pay online or plea at the window before a clerk of the court. A juvenile defendant is first required to meet with a Juvenile Case Manager (JCM) to then be placed on the docket to see the judge.