Traffic Stops

Occasionally a citizen will encounter a police officer during a traffic stop. In order to provide the safest environment for both the citizen and the police officer, it is recommended that a citizen follow these simple guidelines when stopped by an officer.

  • Move your vehicle safely to the right out of traffic and well off the roadway.
  • Keep your hands visible at all times, preferably on the steering wheel. (Especially in low light conditions, you may want to turn on your dome light.)
  • Let the officer know what you are doing before entering any pockets, purses, compartments or the glove-box.
  • Display your driver's license and proof of insurance upon the officer's request (this is State Law) and allow the officer the opportunity to explain why the stop was made.
  • Do not be argumentative or debate the stop, allow the officer the time to describe the violation and what will occur as a result of the stop. (Controversy and debates are for the courtroom.)
  • Remain in the vehicle unless the officer asks you to get out. If you are asked to exit your vehicle, keep your hands out of any pockets and visible to the officer.
  • Avoid the use of cellular telephones during the traffic stop.
  • Avoid smoking during the traffic stop.
  • Signing the citation does not indicate an admission of guilt.
  • Once the officer has allowed you to leave, please take the time to check traffic and make sure it is safe to re-enter the roadway.
Traffic Stop


For questions concerning your traffic citation, please contact Municipal Court at Email Municipal Court or call 254-501-7850.  

For questions about these guidelines, procedures or officer misconduct, please Email the Internal Affairs Unit or call 254-501-6564.