Park Improvements

Recreation Services Parks Master Plan was adopted by City Council on February 8, 2022. Recreation Services Parks Master Plan is comprised of near- and long-term strategies for growing and sustainable maintenance of the park system, including a focus on both innovative and incremental improvement, public health and fiscal sustainability. This process started officially in December of 2021 and fourteen months later we have an approved Parks Master Plan.

The Parks Master Plan could not have been completed without citizens. Recreation Services engagement within our community snapshot:

  • 5 Park Master Plan Work Group Meetings (comprised of citizens from 8 local organizations)
  • 2 Youth Advisory Commission Meetings
  • 5 Focus Group Meetings (Youth, Senior, Trails & Runners, Parkland Dedication, Culture Groups, and Adults & Youth Sports)
  • 3 Community Meetings
  • 575 Survey Respondents from 13 Online Surveys
  • 175 Love Your Park Day volunteers
  • 200 Movies in Your Park attendees

Staff will gauge the success of the Parks Master Plan by:

  • Solidifying and adopting the parkland dedication ordinance
  • Utilize the Operating and Maintenance plans as it relates to each community park to include application within park system for all parks
  • Continue to create and establish park usage agreement with KISD to expand park acreage within park system
  • Utilize the parks condition assessment to build on replacement cycles through each budget year
  • Start to establish grow zones within our park system
  • Launch YAC Park Ambassador program
  • Continue park improvements
  • Host bi-annual “Love Your Park Day” series
  • People in our parks


Recreation Services was awarded $4,658,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds in FY 22. These monies were designated for parks located in lower income neighborhoods.

  • Long Branch Park, $500,000

    • New restroom
    • Install solar lights at the Splash Pad
    • Splash Pad renovations to include shade and new water features
    • Drinking fountains
  • Long Branch Pool, $590,000

    • Renovate pool house
    • Place sun-deck material on concrete deck
  • Conder Park, $1,918,000

    • Parking lot asphalt, overlay and striping
    • Drinking fountains
    • Fencing
    • Field lights
    • 1 new restroom
    • Skate park renovations
    • Sport field lights 
    • Multi-purpose field created
    • New walking trail and expansion
    • Solar parking lot lights
    • Solar trail lights
    • Resurface basketball court
    • Planting of trees
  • Gap Sidewalks, $600,000

    • Installing sidewalks at various parks to increase accessibility 
  • Stewart Park, $600,000

    • New playground and canopy 
    • Picnic tables
    • Multi-purpose field created
    • Walking trail
    • Field renovation
    • Drinking fountains
  • Phyllis Park, $300,000

    • Resurface basketball court and install new goals
    • Multi-purpose field renovation
    • Shade canopy added 
    • Drinking fountains


As park improvements begin sections of our parks will be closed temporarily. See current timeline below.

Conder Park – Restrooms

View Map (PDF)
Estimated construction area 2-4 months

Use caution near the sports fields as staff is prepping the site for new restrooms. This includes installing plumbing and electric.

Conder Park – Skate Park

Skate park renovations are currently in the design phase. Staff estimates a final design to include cost by March 2022.

View Skate Park Design Survey Results (PDF)

Long Branch Park – Restrooms

View Map (PDF)
Estimated construction area 2-4 months
Use caution near the Splash Pad area as staff is prepping the site for new restrooms. This includes installing plumbing and electric.

Conder Park – Parking Lot (COMPLETED)

View Map (PDF)Conder After Opens in new window

City Council approved $214,592.90 on January 25, 2022 to update all the parking lots at Conder Park, to include milling, overlay, curb stops, and striping.

Work was completed March 29, 2022

Lions Club Park - One New Canopy Completed

One of the new canopies at Lions Club Park has been completed.  We will update as the rest of the new canopies are completed.


An item that came out of the Parks Master Plan were methods to decrease maintenance and allowing staff to spend more time in our parks doing other maintenance projects. We will begin implementing Grow Zones within our parks system, starting with Lions Club Park.

Staff currently mows all of our parks curb to curb, meaning we mow and edge the entire park at 1.5-2.5” in height. When looking at Lions Club Park, we currently mow all 68 acres. Through the “Grow Zone” application we will aim to reduce this from 68 acres of mowing to 50.5 acres, by creating a 17.3 acre “Grow Zone”, within the park, broken up all over the park. March of 2022 RS will begin designating 8 acres as “Grow Zones” and continue to establish areas until we meet our established goal. We will be planting native wildflower seeds, flowing trees to beautify these designated areas, to include signage to designate these areas, which will briefly explain the concept. Grow Zones will follow city ordinance and be mowed two times a year.

Grow Zones will cut down on expenses and labor hours associated with mowing curb to curb, that will now be allocated towards maintaining all of our 23 parks.


RS applied and was awarded Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) in 2020 as part of an effort to restore and replace several park amenities within these parks. This project will take place concurrent to the ARPA projects. RS has allocated $1,053,190.35 for these parks within the next FY.

Conder Park – ($753,190.35)

  • Playground
  • Parking lot lights
  • Drinking fountain(s)
  • Replacing existing crushed granite trail with concrete
  • New restroom
  • Shade canopy over playground
  • Tile or pour n play surface within new playground
  • Basketball court re-surface
  • New basketball hoops
  • Drinking fountains (2)
  • Park benches
  • Grill
  • Trash receptacles
  • Picnic tables (4)

AA Lane Park – ($300,000.00)

  • Basketball court re-construction
    • Adding sitting area to north of court
  • Fencing
  • Pavilion structure
  • Playground
  • Parking lot lights
  • Shade canopy over playground
  • Tile or pour n play surface within new playground
  • Drinking fountains (2)
  • Park benches
  • Grill
  • Trash receptacles
  • Limestone blocks

Conder and AA Lane Park Drainage Improvements: Funding for this project is $589,885

The design to the construction of these projects is close to 100% design. Hopeful to bid construction out in May 2022, with construction starting in July 2022. This project is set to take no longer than (6) months to complete.

  • New pedestrian bridge
  • Clean out of drainage areas within parks
  • Cleaning out and fortifying inlets and outlets

Bob Gilmore Center

Funding for this project is from the Governmental CIP Fund and CDBG in the total amount of $5,840,734.00. Construction will begin on July 6, 2022 and is expected to be completed in July 2023 with the ribbon cutting ceremony soon after. 

Demolition of the Bob Gilmore Senior Center was completed on April 1, 2022. The new construction will begin this summer. For more information on the New Senior Center Plans, please visit:


RS received $200,000 for canopy covers and $225,000 for trail lights in FY21. These funds were used to install 11 canopies and solar LED lights at Killeen-Ft. Hood Regional Trail, Mickey’s Dog Park, and Conder Park. LCP canopy

  • Pardon our progress as we are installing 3 new shade canopies at Lions Club Park. Please be mindful that this will be a construction zone until May 15. We ask citizens to stay off and away from areas marked with orange fencing.